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1 854-2004 




7 have planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. " 

1 Corinthians 3:6 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 

First Pastor, Antioch Church, minister here for 22 years 


Pastor of this church for twenty years 


Jack M. Daniel!, Pastor (1959-1972) 

James Robert Parvin, Pastor (1974-1979) 





First Christian Church has come a long way since its beginning in 1854. It 
actually originated from two other local churches, Tyson's Meeting House, 
located four or five miles from Farmville on Stantonsburg Road, and Corinth, 
located at Lang's Crossroads. 

Tyson's Meeting House was originally a Baptist Church. John P. Dunn of 
Lenoir County, a noted local evangelist of the early Christian Church 
movement, held a revival there in 1850. The meeting resulted in 123 
baptisms, and in the conversion of the Church to a Christian Church. 
Delegates of the new Christian Church attended the State meeting of 
Disciples in 1851 and were received into the Conference on October 17, 
1851 , as stated in the minutes of the meeting as follows; "On motion agreed 
that the Church of Christ at Tyson's M. H., Pitt County, be received into the 
Conference, and that her delegates be invited to take seats and participate in 
its proceedings." Delegates representing the Church at that time were Josiah 
Barrett, Sherrod Tyson, and S. Hines Jr. 

In 1853, a group known as The Sons of Temperance visited the church. 
This group was formed to combat the rising tide of alcoholic drink throughout 
the area, and went to the Church to further their program. However, a small 
group of the leaders of the Church took the position that "every Christian has 
a God-given right to drink as much spirituous liquors as he desires." They 
further proposed that all members who did not agree be expelled from the 
Church, and that no Sons of Temperance be allowed to join the Church. 

As a result of this action, a majority of the members left Tyson's Meeting 
House and constructed a new church on the road between Joyner's 
Crossroads and Marlboro. They named this Church Antioch. In 1854, James 
W. May deeded one acre of land to the Antioch Christian Baptist Church. It is 
obvious from the wording of the deed that the Church had already been built 
when the deed was written. The trustees named in this deed were Peter E. 
Hines, Richard A. Bynum, Sherrod Belcher, and Josiah Barrett. As was the 
custom of the times, the Church maintained segregation of the sexes; there 
was a three-foot high partition down the center of the building; men sat on the 
right and women on the left. 

Josephus Latham was the first pastor at Antioch, and held her first revival 
there in September, 1855. He said the revival continued for several days and 
resulted in fourteen baptisms, " a goodly number of whom were lovely young 


ladies, two of whom were natives of Maine, who had bidden farewell to the 
loved ones at home and had come to the far sunny south to teach." 

The other church that comprised First Christian was Corinth, 
located at Lang's Crossroads. Corinth was first known as Oak Grove and 
was located near Willow Green, in Greene County. It had started in 1830 
as a member of the Toisnot Association of Regular Baptists. Toisnot soon 
joined with Nahunta Association and was known as Contentnea. On 
October 24, 1855, the Contentnea Association adopted an anti-missionary 
policy. This policy was against the feelings of the members of Oak Grove; 
they withdrew from the Association and, after drifting for eleven years, 
became affiliated with the Christian Church movement under the 
evangelistic leadership of John. P. Dunn, the same evangelist who was 
instrumental in conversion of the Tyson's Meeting House in 1850. In 1863 
the Oak grove Church moved it's location to Pitt County, near Lang's 
Crossroads, and built a new church. This building is still standing, and is 
being used as a storage house for hay. It was apparently a very impressive 
building, with tall arched windows, a balcony and a dividing partition to 
provide seating that would assure separation of the sexes. Since there was 
already an Oak Grove Church in Pitt County, the name was changed to 

In 1904 the members of Corinth Church transferred to the Antioch 
Church. Many of the families presently represented in First Christian, 
including the Carrs, Moyes, Dardens, and Langs, were members of Corinth. 
The old records of the Church indicate that Antioch and Corinth had joined 
forces in 1902 to build a parsonage at Antioch. 

The original Antioch Church building, built in 1854, was used for 56 
years. The present brick structure was dedicated in 1910. The name of the 
church was changed from Antioch to Farmville Christian Church at that 
time, and later was changed to First Christian Church. The original frame 
structure was given to a congregation in South Farmville. It has been 
enlarged and brick-veneered and is presently in use as Saint JamesChurch. 

Antioch Church was the second building to be erected in what later 
became the Town of Farmville. At the time the church was built, there was 
a log cabin occupied by a spinster named Sallie Williams. Ms. Williams 
raised pigs, allowing them to run free in the pinewoods surrounding her 
home. Three years after Antioch was built, in 1857, a school was 
constructed. From this beginning, the Town of Farmville grew. 
Antioch/Farmville Christian was the only church in Farmville until the 
Episcopal came in 1888. They were followed by the Primitive Baptist in 


1900, Methodist in 1901, Missionary Baptist in 1909, Presbyterian in 1917, 
and Catholic in 1931. 

The Church's first Sunday School was reported in 1873, with an 
enrollment of 68, including six teachers. There were only six other Christian 
Churches with Sunday Schools in the state. A new parsonage was 
constructed in 1953 on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Moye. In 
1958/1959 a new brick building was constructed to contain a fellowship hall 
and education facilities. At that time, the old parsonage was given to a 
couple who lived South of the railroad. The top story was removed, and the 
bottom story still exists on South Main Street. The Church building was 
remodeled in 1928 and again in 1946, and the sanctuary was renovated in 
1977 when a new organ was installed. 


There have been many changes in this church in the last several 
years, in terms of both physical facilities and spiritual development. This 
church is regularly described as a very friendly one, and we work hard to 
retain that spirit. Our fellowship events are assuming a larger and larger 
role in our activities, as are our children's programs. A Minister of Christian 
Education/Youth Director position has been added to our staff. Installation 
of a handicapped access ramp has been of great value to several of our 
members, as well as our visitors. 

A van is now available for various church activities. The minister's 
office and the secretary's office have been enlarged and renovated to make 
them more efficient and usable. A carillon, donated in memory of a couple 
who had been long-time members, has been installed and is frequently 
mentioned favorably both by members and nonmembers. 

Recognizing the changing needs and desires of most ministers, it 
was decided to sell the parsonage so that new ministers could begin 
building equity in their home if they so desired. In 2000 the parsonage was 
sold, and the proceeds from the sale were placed in an endowment-type 
program that will help support the church's program over the years. 
Several other endowment-type programs have been set up by donations 
from members: one supports maintenance of the sanctuary, and two 
provide other support for our program as deemed necessary. 


In 2001, the church was incorporated. This represents a major 
change in the operation of the church, and seems to have been a 
successful and helpful move. 

In 2003/2004, the cemetery on the church lot was removed and 
relocated. This removal was done with great care to provide proper respect 
during all phases of the removal. The next of kin of all the interred persons 
that could be located were notified and invited to attend the disinterment if 
they wished. The remains were re-interred in the Joyner plot of the Town's 
Hollywood cemetery, and a wall was constructed into which the 
headstones, both intact and broken, could be placed. Plaques containing 
pertinent information were placed at the old cemetery lot and at the new 
location. A special memorial service was held on September 19, 2004 at 
the location of the re-interment. 

In recent years, we have continued to increase our efforts in 
providing aid to our community and the world through an outreach program. 
During the year 2003, our outreach giving through all programs totaled 
$24,823.52, which represents 19.7% of our operating budget. In addition 
to, and perhaps more important than, our monetary support for this 
endeavor is the personal commitment of our members through contributions 
of time. Members of this church contribute time and effort to supporting the 
Farmville Benevolent Ministries, the Meals on Wheels program, the 
community soup kitchen, and other community activities. 

The church congregation has adopted a mission statement, which 
reads as follows: 

It is the mission of First Christian Church of Farmville, N. C. to 
provide an environment where all who come can learn, fellowship, worship 
and grow spiritually closer to god. We will fulfill our greater obligation to 
spread the good news of Jesus Christ by being of service to the members 
of our community and the world. Our efforts and activities will be done in 
the name of Jesus Christ. 


We have a long-range planning committee that is investigating the 
adequacy of our physical facilities and is exploring potentials and methods 
of spiritual growth. 


One of our endeavors will be to develop ways to implement the Mission 
Statement— to flesh-out the bare bones of the statement—. We recognize that, 
in order to grow, we must attract more young people to our church and we will 
be exploring ways of doing this without sacrificing those things that are 
important to our present, older, members. We will be exploring methods used 
by other successful churches in the area and perhaps adopting some of these 
methods for our use. 

The adequacy of our educational facilities and our fellowship meeting 
facilities are being evaluated, and we are exploring possible methods of 
enlarging them or modifying them so as to increase their usefulness. 

We are in the process of establishing a Permanent Fund, an 
endowment type fund which will be used to further our ministry on an on-going 
basis Many of our existing funds will be incorporated into this fund. Provision 
of such a fund will make it more convenient for members to make contributions 
through benevolent trusts and bequests. Always, we will conduct these 
endeavors in a way that will increase our commitment to spread God's grace 
through service to our community and to the world. 


First Christian Church of Farmville has a long and proud history. The 
church and its members enjoy looking back on its history, and take pride in its 
heritage. It is fitting and proper that we look backward to see from whence we 
came. We are a result of our heritage; where we go is determined in large 
measure by where we have come from. Our future is a continuation of our past, 
and this year of 2004 is a beginning as well as an end. It is important that, even 
as we look back, we also look ahead. 

The church has known good times, and has taken joy in them. It has 
known hard and troubled times, and has gained strength through them. We 
cannot know what the future holds, but we can be sure, whatever it is, that it will 
include both good times and bad, both joy and sorrow. We will be prepared, 
with God's guidance and grace, to take joy in the good and gain strength from 
the bad. We can be sure, too, that the future holds challenges for us. The 
world goes on; our ministry must go on. We dare not rest on past 
accomplishments; we must look forward to, plan for, and dedicate our efforts 
toward meeting the challenges of the future. 

As we celebrate a century and a half of service, we dedicate ourselves 
anew to continuing to seek knowledge of God's will for us and the resources to 
accomplish His will in our lives, and in this church, and in this community. 



Triple stained glass windows facing east in the sanctuary, memorial 
to Mr. and Mrs. William Gray Lang. 

Triple stained glass window facing north in the sanctuary, memorial 
to Mr. and Mrs. Moses Tyson Moye. 

Stained glass windows in the Deacon's room, memorial to Mrs. Sallie R. 


Communion table and chairs given by Mrs. Annie R. Lang, memorial to her 
daughter. Annie Laurie. 

Pulpit chairs, memorial to Mrs. Jennie Bynum Harris, Bruce, N. C. 

Marble plaque in sanctuary, memorial to Cleophus Bowen Mashburn, former 

Hammond organ and church hymnals, memorial to Mr. & Mrs. J.Y. Monk, Sr., 
given by their children. 

Pulpit Bible given by Mrs. James R. Lang, memorial to her husband. 

Offering plates given by Opportunity Class, memorial to James R. Lang and 

C.B. Mashburn, 

Pastor s office desk given by Mrs. Fred G. Smith, memorial to her husband. 

Front entrance lights and pastors office stove given by Mrs. Herbert Sugg, 
memorial to her mother, Mrs. Nan Wilkinson. 

Pew cushions, memorial to Mrs. Vernice Lang Jones. 

Chandeliers, memorial to Mr, & Mrs. Howard DeWitt Moye, Sr. 

Altar curtain, memorial to Mrs. Annie Bowen Mashburn, Sr. 

Spotlights, memorial to J. Vernon Hodgin, Sr., and in honor of Mrs. Adeline 


Carillons, memorial to Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Turnage, Sr. 

Communion table scarf, pulpit hanging and Bible marker, memorial to Mr. and 
Mrs. Lloyd Smith, 

Funeral pall, memorial to Dr. P.E. Jones. 

Silver flower urn, memorial to Mr, & Mrs. Robert George Barrett. 

Silver flower urn. memorial to Clarence S. Davis. 


Sliver wedding communion set, memorial to Mrs. Nannie Moye Humphrey. 
Silver communion serving sets, memorial to Fred Darden. 
Silver patens, memorial to William Jesse Moye and Archie Goldson Cayton. 
Memorial book case, memorial to Mrs. Letha Rouse. 
Sanctuary air conditioning, memorial to Estelle Hardy and Moses Lawrence 

Brass candlesticks and cross, memorial to W. Jesse Moye. 

Altar, memorial to George Walter Barrett. 

Altar candelabra, memorial to Mildred Glenn Barrett. 

Furnished Bykota Sunday School room, memorial to Mr. and Mrs. George 

Picture in Fellowship Hall, memorial to Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Jones. 

Many other special gifts have been made, both money and furnishings, to add 
to the ministry of the church. 

The Century-old pine pulpit used in old Antioch church. 
Reed Organ of Antioch church (1854-1910). 
Original pew of Antioch church. 

Square mahogany piano — given in 1910 by Mrs. Florence E. Home. 
Bible presented in 1910 by Florence E. Home. 




According to records now available, this church has had 27 ministers giving 
regular pastoral oversight, sketched as follows: 

1. Josephus Latham (1828-1889) native of Pantego, N.C.; served four terms, 
1854-'55; 1858-'61; 1864-'80; and 1888. Ordained April 1, 1849. Married Martha 
F. Brown, of Pitt County, May 31, 1854. Ministered in N.C., 49 years, baptized 
2000, officiated at 500 marriages. Supt. of schools in Pitt County, 1882-'89. 

"Eternity alone will disclose the magnitude of his great work in N.C." John 
James Harper 

2. George Joyner (1823-1885) native, Farmville, N.C; served two terms; 1856- 
'57, and 1862-'63, and is buried in the local church cemetery. Trained at Wake 
Forest College and began preaching in 1853, ministering thirty-two years to North 
Carolina Disciples. He married: First Miss Speight; second Henrietta Parrott; 
third Miss Blount. 

He read his sermons, "written in a chaste style— and made a fine 
impression on all who heard him." John Tomline Walsh. 

3. Issac Lamar Chestnutt (1851-1907); native, Grifton, N.C; grandson of Willie T. 
Nobles, (Greenville, N.C) Pioneer Disciple preacher. Served Farmville, 3 terms: 
1881-1887; 1889-1890; 1892-1895. Came from Union Baptists, 1872. Trained by 
Joseph Henry Foy, at Kinston. First resident minister at Farmville, 1883; likewise, 
New Bern, 1890. Married Clara Ella Dixon, of Hookerton, N.C, Dec. 23, 1885. 
Ministered 35 years in North Carolina and Virginia. 

He "was loved by those who knew him." Samuel W. Sumrell. 

4. John H. Harper (1841-1908), native, Bentonville, N.C; served 1891. In 1901- 
'02, founder of Atlantic Christian College; President, 1904-'08. He was baptized 
by H.D. Cason, July 29, 1860, and preached first on May 18, 1861. Married Arrita 
Anderson Daniel, May 1, 1862. State Senator, 1881; editor of The Christian 
Visitor, 1876-1877; 1886-1887. Ministered in N.C, 46 years. 

"Our organization... has done much. render efficient our ministry." 

5. Jesse T. Davis (1828-1909), native, Hookerton, N.C; served 1896. A 
mechanic and farmer. Married Martha Jones in the 1860's, and their home was in 
Ayden, N.C, in their latter years. 

"He felt called to the ministry, and was early set apart... and did a great 
work for his people." Jack R. Rountree 

6. Moses Tyson Moye (1827-1900), native of Pitt County, N.C, served 1897-'98. 
Attended Wake Forest College, and graduated at Bethany College, Va., July 4, 
1858. Married Penolpe E. Whitehead, at Wilson, N.C, Jan. 6, 1863. Ordained 
Oct. 9, 1870. Captain of Co. G. Confederate Cavalry, and chaplain of Wilson, 
N.C. Confederate Veterans after 1865. Druggist at Wilson, Editor of the Watch 
Tower, 1875. 

7. J.B. Greenwade. Served Farmville, 1899. Came to Plymouth, N.C. in 1898, 
from Kentucky where he had ministered at Grayson, 1895; and Jeffersonville 
(Montgomery County), 1897. 


8. John W. Tyndall, (1877-1933); native of eastern N.C.; served, 1900. 
Conducted Industrial Christian College, Dawson, N.C., 1907-1914, which led a 
goodly number into the Christian ministry. President, Randolph College Cisco, 
Texas. Died in automobile wreck near Altus, Okla.; buried at St. Louis Mich. 

"He was looking after some college work when the tragedy occurred." 

9. David Wilbur Arnold, served Farmville, 1901 -'03. Native, Cherry, N.C. 
Ordained Sept. 24, 1900. Married Sarah Virginia Spruill, Apr. 10, 1898. 
Graduate Bethany College, W. Va., 1911. First Farmville parsonage built 
1902, earliest among N.C. Disciple parsonages, erected his pastorate. Other 
ministries, Greenville, Dunn, Goldsboro. 

"Let us pray for the best and seek to bring the blessings of God on all our 

10. A.F. Leighton, (Died at Tarboro, N.C, Dec. 7, 1925); served, 1904; 
ordained, 1899. Married Miss Draughan, Whitakers, N.C. Graduate Johnson 
Bible College, 1899; attended Atlantic Christian College, 1904-'05; U. of N.C, 
Chapel Hill, 10 summers. High school teacher, 18 years. 

"His religious evolution from skepticism to Christianity, and his progress 
in the religious life would read like a romance." Henry Cleophaus Bowen. 

11. I.W. Rogers, (1864-1928), served 1905. Native, Lebanon, Mo. Trained at 
Buffalo, Mo., and for two and one-half years at Johnson Bible College. 
Married Challie Jane Holton, dauther of A.J. Holton of Olympia, N.C, June 4, 
1902. Came to N.C, 1896, locating at Dunn, later at Trenton and Bridgeton. Also 
served at Middleton, New Bern, Pantego, Columbia, and Araphoe. 

"The Lord has blessed his efforts to the salvation of many souls." J.F. 


12. James Thomas Moore, served 1906-'07. Trained at Johnson Bible College 
and Atlantic Christian College. Married Mabel Barrett, of Farmville, 1907. After 
Farmville, he preached in S.C, Mo,, and Va. 

"He agitated the matter of building a nice new church at Farmville and 
laid the foundation for it." W. Gradham Walker. 

13. C Manly Morton. Native, Newport, N.C Served 1908-'09, at time of building 
the present brick plant. First ministerial graduate of Atlantic Christian College, 
(1909). Later training at College of Missions, Indianapolis, Inc., and School of 
Religious Education at Hartford, Conn. N.C. State Secretary, 1909-'10. Married 
Selah Louise Beam, 1916. Together they were Disciple Missionaries in 
Argentina, Paraguay, and Puerto Rico 

"One of the mightiest challenges which has ever come to the Church of 
Christ is today before it in Latin America." 

14. Cleophas Bowen Mashburn, (1884-1946). Served two terms, 1910-1915; 
1913-1945. Native of Catherine Lake, Onslow County, N.C Ordained, Feb. 22, 
1907. Trained at Johnson Bible College, 1903-'04; Atlantic Christian College, 
1908-'11. Married Annie L. Bateman of Plymouth, N.C, October 24, 1906. 
Editor, Watch Tower, 1914. Ministered 40 years in N.C. and S.C. 

"He concentrated on the noblest service entrusted to man." 


15. W.P. Jordan, served 1916-'19. Native of Henderson, Tenn. Ordained Aug. 6, 
1913. Trained, Correspondence Course, Phillips U., (Endid, Okla.), 1911 -'15; 
editor Henderson, Tenn. Gazette, 1 91 0-'1 1 ; journalistic training under Irvin S. 
Cobb. Other Christian ministry in Tenn. and S.C. 

"A consecrated zealous worker, and a church efficiency expert." 

16. Olin E. Fox, served 1920-'24, during which there were 100 additions. Native, 
Merritt's Bridge, S.C. Married; first, Sally Bunch, of Augusta, Ga., June, 1910; 
second, Bessie Moody, of Griffin, Ga., Feb., 1946. Graduate, Atlantic Christian 
College, 1924. Over 40 years ministered in Kan., N.C., Ga. and Ala. 

"We look forward to what we hope to be a very helpful and profitable 

17. Dunbar G. Gordon, served 1925-'26. Native of Tupelo, Miss. Graduate, 
Phillips U., Enid, Okla., 1921, and College of the Bible, Lexington, Ky., (B.D.), 
1925. Married Helen Bossier of Bloomdale, Ohio, Dec. 30, 1925. His ministry 
has been in N.C. (Farmville and New Bern), Miss., Okla, Ky., and Md. 

"You could take that group of people and build the Pyramids in Egypt." 

18. Russell S. Tandy, served 1927-'30. Native of Carrolton, Ky. Trained, 
Georgetown, Ky., College, 1909 (A.B.); Lexington, Ky. College of the Bible, 1915. 
Transylvania, 1916, (M.A.) Married Susan Dewey Lawwill, of Manchester, O., 
who was trained in Kentucky State University, Lex. He was principal, Vicksburg, 
Miss., High School, four years, and both Mr. and Mrs. Tandy served on faculty of 
Midland College, Texas. He ministered in Tex., Miss., Ala., and N.C. 

"The work at Farmville appeals to me- a real challenge to any man who 
is ready to work for the advancement of the Kingdom." 

19. Zesley B. Thaddeus Cox, present residence, Rome, Ga., successor in 1946, 
to C.B. Mashburn, served until 1958, native of Ayden, N.C. Graduate, Phillips, 
B.A. and M.A., 1930-'31; Drake, B.D., 1934. Married Anne Elizabeth Chandler, of 
West Point, Va., Oct. 17, 1936. Student pastorates in Tenn., Okla, and Iowa, and 
ministered in Virginia, at West Point and Salem, prior to his service in U.S. Military 
Chaplaincy, 1941 -'46. 

"I believe the Farmville Church has the finest fellowship...! will do all I can 
to advance the Kingdom. 

20. Jack M. Daniell, served 1959-1972. Native of Georgia. Graduated Atlantic 
Christian College in 1947 and Lexington Theological Seminary in 1950. Presently 
serving First Christian Church in Asheville, N.C. 

21. Joseph G. Shelton, present residence Tennessee. Served in Farmville 1972- 
1973. Graduate of Johnson Bible College and Phillips University. Not presently 
in the ministry. 

22. James Robert Parvin, native of eastern North Carolina. Served 1973-1979. 
Graduated from Atlantic Christian College in 1966. Attended Drake University 
Divinity School 1966-1968, earned Master of Divinity from Lexington Theological 
Seminary in 1969. Presently retired and living in Galax, Va.. 


23. George Lee Parker, native of Washington, North Carolina. Graduated from 
Atlantic Christian College in 1972. Attended Lexington Theological Seminary 
1975-76. Received Master of Divinity Degree from Duke in 1978. Came to 
Farmville from First Christian Church in Winston-Salem, where he was Assistant 
Pastor. Married Jane Highsmith. 

24. Jean S. Wake, came to this church from Wilson and served as Interim 
Minister for parts of 1986 and 1987. Presently retired from the ministry and living 
in a retirement facility in Lynchburg, Va. 

25. Thomas A. Tunstall, native of Virginia, graduated from Bright Divinity School 
of Texas Christian University, came to this church from Northwest Christian 
Church in Kinston. Served this church from 1987-1999. Presently retired and 
living near Timothy Christian Church in Pitt County. 

26. Dan Hensley, graduated from Bright Divinity School of Texas Christian 
University. Associated with Atlantic Christian College for 34 years as: Chaplain, 
Professor, Director of Planned Giving, and Director of Church Relations. Served 
this church as Interim Minister 2000-2001 . 

27. Paul J. Allen, IV, present minister, graduated from Barton College in 1997, 
Lexington Theological seminary in 2001. Came to this church immediately after 
graduation in 2001 . His father, Paul J. Allen III, was a Timothy of this church. 



The following are some excerpts copied literally from the only such record 
book available, used by Antioch (Farmville) prior to 1910. These quotations 
from their "Quarterly Meeting" give documented insights into the life of the 
old church about midway of her first 100 years. 

Jan. 13, 1894. "Bro. Geo. W. Barrett has offered his resignation as clerk of 
Antioch church... Resolve, that the church tender to Bro. Barrett its most sincere 
thanks and gratitude for the forty two years of faithful performance of his duty as 

Sept. 10, 1897. "Thanks of the church was tendered to the citizens of the 
town and community for their liberality in contributing towards the carpenting of the 

Dec. 1 1 , 1897. "A King Heater was donated by some of the young people of 
the town, to the church and the thanks of the congregation tendered to them for this 
very acceptable gift." 

Dec. 10, 1898. "First bisnuss before the meeting was should we locate Bro. 
Tyndall here our minister after being ordained or no, and it was referred to the officers 
of the church." 

June 9, 1900. "A letter from the Christian Church at Galveston, Texas, was 
read. A collection to be taken up 2 nd lords day for their Relief ...The wire fence to be 
put up a Round the church and Simiatery came up in the meeting and Bro. Geo. W. 
Freeman was appointed to see what he could get on it. 

March 9, 1901. "It was moved and carried that 's name be Erast 

from the church book of Antioch church for using Intoxicant licker to an access and his 

June 8,9, 1901. "dinner was served on the ground at the church both 
Satturday and lord's day. The next Bisnuss in order was to Bild a parsonage and it 
was desided to bild it, and a committee pointed to look after the bilding as follows: 
D.W. Arnold, J.T. Dixon, Geo, W. Freeman for Antioch Christian church and W. M. 
Lang, and A.J. Moye for Corinth Christian Church, and the parsonage is to be on 
Antioch Christian Church lot at Farmville, N.C." 

Dec. 7, 1901. "Bro. A.J. Moye states he would lone to bild the parsonage 
$400.00 and Bro. Geo. W. Freeman was instructed to commens the bilding as Erley 
as possible." 

March 8, 1902. "Bros. D.W. Arnold and J.H. Flanagan was elected, 
(delegates to the Eden Union Meeting) and instructed to pay to the union $1 .00, and a 
collection was taken and Said one Dollar was Raised." 

March 28, 1902. "There was elected and made known to the church her 
officers as follows: Elder: Willis R. Williams, John King; Deacons and to look after the 
poor of the church: John H. Flanagan, J.J. Parker, Willis Hamphton, Geo. W. 
Freeman; Trustees: J.T. Dixon, Geo. W. Freeman, and J.M. Windham." 

Sept. 15, 1902. "Bro. Freeman stated the parsonage cost $655.74 Vz ." 

March 7, 1903. "Stated by G.W. Freeman he had Received a card from Bro. 
J.D. Waters asking that the church assess them self for State Mission... Receipts 
showed that the church has paid $5.55 for state mission up to date." 

April 24, 1904. "Bro. W.G. Lang departed this life and went to live with 


June 10, 1905. "Bro. A.J. Moye who was regular deacon at Corinth and who 
acted in that capacity here was ordered put on the roll as such." 

July 8, 1910. "Bro. J.C. Caldwell was present and gave us an inspiring talk- 
Moses L. Moye, Clerk" (for that date). 


Church Family 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Albritton 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Albritton, Jr. 

Harry Albritton, III 
Mr. Bonnie Allen 
Ms. Catherine Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. George Allen 
Ms. Jean Allen 
Ms. Marie Allen 
Rev. & Mrs. Paul Allen 

Amberlea Allen 
Mr. Roy Lee Allen 
Ms. Sandra Allen 
Ms. Shirley Anderson 
Mr. Tom Anderson 
Mr. Gaston Andrews 
Mr. & Mrs. Grady Bailey 

Geordie Donavant 
Mrs. Minnie Bailey 
Mr. Shelton Bailey 
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Baker 

Nikki Bailey 

Sidney Baker 
Ms. Sally Baldree 
Mr. & Mrs. John Barefoot 
Mr. Wallace Barrett 
Mrs. Adelaide Barrett 

Robert Barrett 
Dr. & Mrs. Doug Barrow 

Betsy Barrow 

Caroline Barrow 

Chris Barrow 
Mr. Mike Belk 
Miss Becky Belk 
Mr. Will Belk 

Mr. & Mrs. James Blalock 

Rebecca Blalock 
Mrs. Gayie F. Bonner 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Bradham 

Walker Bradham 
Ms. Terri Brettt 
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Briley 

John Keynon Briley 
Mr. & Mrs. Emmitt Brinson 
Ms. Stacy Budnick 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bryant 
Kathleen Bryant 
Stephen Bryant 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bulpett 
Heather Bulpett 
Jessica Bulpett 
Melissa Bulpett 

Miss Angie Carraway 

Mrs. Erma Chesson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corbett 
Reed Corbett 
Ryan Corbett 

Mr. Ben Cotterman 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cowan 

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Cowan 
Jonathon Cowan 
Ellen Cowan 
Jameson Cowan 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Cowan 

Mrs. Kay Craft 

Mr. & Mrs. Wes Craft 

Mary Wesley Craft 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Dail 

Kristina Champagne 
Kevin Champagne 
Bruce Dail, Jr. 
Kayla Dail 

Mrs. Mamie Dail 

Mr. Robert Darden 

Ms. Susan Daughtry 

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Davenport 
Jamie Davenport 
Rebecca Davenport 

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Davis 
Heather Davis 
Melissa Davis 

Mrs. Carol Davis 

Mr. Eddie Davis 

Ms. Donna Dickinson 

Ms. Selina DiMarco 

Meghan Benson 
Tyler Benson 

Ms. Ginger Donavant 

Ms. Nancy Duddy 

Mr. & Mrs. Gene Eason 

Mrs. Suzanne Edwards 

Miss Brenda Elks 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Ellis 
Chris Ellis 
Eric Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. Ray Ellis 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Evans 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Evans 

Ms. Tiena Everette 

Mr. Bob Fiser 

Mr. R.V. Fiser, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Flanagan 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Flanagan 
Jeremy Flanagan 
Jacob Flanagan 
Sara Ruth Flanagan 

Ms. Karen Foy 

Ms. Pearl Garris 

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Gibbs 
Alexis Gibbs 

Mr. Hal Gordon 

Mrs. Anne Grant 

Mr. Jon Greene 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Greene 

Mrs. Margaret Gregory 

Mrs. Annie Gurganus 

Mr. Melvin Gurganus 

Mr. & Mrs. Wes Hankins 

Mr. Bobby Harper, Sr. 

Ms. Delores Harper 

Mr. Richard Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Harris 
Becca Harris 
Stephen Harris 

Ms. Carolyn Hawke 

Ms. Deborah Heath 

Mr. Waiter Lee Hedgepeth 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hodge, Sr. 
Bobby Hodge, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Holloman 
Derrick Holloman 

Ms. Cindy Hooks 

Mrs. Sue Hutchinson 

Chris Hutchinson 
Stacy Hutchinson 

Mrs. Gaye Johnson 

Mr. George Johnson 
Mrs. Nancy Johnson 

Dare Johnson 

Jordan Johnson 
Ms. Terri Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Al Joyner 

Jeremy Joyner 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Joyner 
Mrs. Janie Joyner 
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Joyner 
Mr. & Mrs. Robby Joyner 

Robin Joyner 

Zoey Joyner 

Allen Joyner 
Mrs. Jessica Suggs Knox 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lederman 

Noah Lederman 
Mrs. Dot Letchworth 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Letchworth 

Justin Letchworth 

Mark Letchworth 

Meagan Starcher 

Zack Starcher 
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Letchworth 
Mr. Roland Letchworth 
Mr. Spencer Letchworth 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lewis 

Redden Lewis 

Billy Lewis 

Milo Lewis 
Mr. & Mrs. Billy Lovic 
Mr. Mitchell Lovic 
Ms. Rosemary McDonald 
Ms. Debra McKnight 
Mr. Mike McLawhorn 
Mr. & Mrs. George McMahon 
Mr. & Mrs. William Meeks 
Mr. Howard Meeks 
Ms. Mavis Mercer 
Mrs. Betty Messer 
Mrs. Myrna Moeckel 
Mr. & Mrs. John Moore 

Cameron Moore 
Mrs. Mary Irma Moore 
Mr. Richard Mooring 
Mr. Albert Mosley 
Mr. Chester Mosley 


Mr. Grady Mosley 

Mrs. Christine Moye 

Mr. David Moye 

Mr. Elbert Moye 

Mrs. Florence Moye 

Mr. George Moye, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Moye 

Mr. Howard Moye, Jr. 

Mr. Howard Moye, III 

Mr. Joel Moye, III 

Mr. Lawrence Moye, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Moses Moye 

Mr. Moses Moye, Jr. 

Mr. Jerry Mozingo 

Ms. Corinne Murphrey 

Mr. & Mrs. David Murphrey 

Ms. Jerri Murphrey 

Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Murphrey 

Ms. Dale Murphy 

Mr. Dempsy Murphy 

Mr. .Barry Noble 

Mr. Nick Norman 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Ray Norville 

Chet Norville 
Mrs. Judy Owens 
Mr. Ed Pate, Jr. 
Mr. Lenny Peaden 
Mrs. Charolotte Pipkin 
Mr. Jimmy Pollard 
Ms. Julia Powell 
Ms. Anita Prescott 
Mr. Gordon Prescott 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Quinerly 
Miss Shirley Rhodes 
Ms. Amelia Ross 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ross, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Benny Rook 

Dawn Rook 
Mrs. Judy Rouse 
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Saegar, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Santopolo 

Caroline Santopolo 

Joey Santopolo 
Mrs. Anne Frances Sbolci 
Mrs. Andrea Sears 
Mr. & Mrs. B.S. Smith, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Bert S. Smith, III 

Mr. Clarence Smith 

Ms. Nancy Smith 

Mrs. Ruth Smith 

Ms. Annise Steffel 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stevens 
Garrett Vernelson 
Dustin Vernelson 

Mrs. Lea Ann Stevens 
Susan Stevens 

Ms. Beverly Stiles 

Ms. Sandra Stokes 

Mr. & Mrs. Noah Sugg 

Mrs. Jean Suggs 

Mr. Timothy Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen Steinbauer 

Mr. & Mrs. Kendrick Taylor 

Mrs. Lorraine Taylor 

Mr. Mike Taylor 

Ms. Susan Taylor 

Dr. & Mrs. Joe Tomkiewicz 

Mr. Joe Tomkiewicz 

Ms. Nell Tucker 

Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Turnage 

Ms. Allison Turnage 

Mr. & Mrs. George Tyler 

Mr. Earl Umphlett 
Maurey Umphlett 
Brent Umphlett 

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wade 
Jordan Wade 
Courtney Wade 
Michael Wade 

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Wainwri 

Mr. Tommy Whitley 

Mrs. Doris Wilkinson 

Mr. Clay Williamson 

Mr. Sito Willoughby 

Mrs. Keda Willoughby 

Mrs. Reide Winstead 

Mr. Billy Wooten 

Mrs. Connie Wooten 
Tripp Wooten 
Cass Wooten 

Ms. Sheryl Wooten 

Mr. Gene Wooten 

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Yester 
Jacob Yester 


Paul J. Allen. IV 

Lon Moore 

Miriam Bailey 

BJ Lawrence 

A.C. Turnage 
Frank Bradham 

Billy Lovic 
Jimmy Letchworth 


B.S. Smith 
Harry Albritton 
Gaye Johnson 

Frank Bradham 
Jimmy Letchworth 
A.C. Turnage 

Gerald Harris 
John Moore 
Doris Briley 

Mamie Dail 
Billy Lovic 
Judy Owens 

Chester Ellis 
Nancy Bradham 
Hal Gordon 
Bobby Hodge, Jr. 
Barbara Wainwright 
BertS. Smith, III 

Carloyn Hawke 
Anne Frances Sbolci 
Jimmy Cowan 
Suzanne Yester 
Bruce Dail 
Myrtle Sugg 

Nancy Johnson 
Mary Steinbauer 
Alawoise Flanagan 
Cass Santopolo 
Eunice Davis 
Joyce Letchworth 




Bert S. Smith, 
Chester Ellis 
Mamie Dail 


A.C. Turnage 
Jimmy Letchworth 
Gaye Johnson